Emergency Shelter Provides Emotional Retreat For Victims [Pics]

Emergency Shelter Provides Emotional Retreat For Victims [Pics]
Design & Architecture

Customizable design gives disaster victims a sense of ownership and separation when they want it.

Ross Brooks
  • 11 june 2013

Two architects from a leading architectural firm Conrad Gargett Riddel have won an international award for their design of an emergency shelter. Designed for both natural and man-made disaster, the shelter is easy to build and allows the occupant to control their level of contact with the outside world.

Young Australians Nic Martoo and Nic Gonsalves are responsible for the design that aims to help victims deal with the emotional loss following a disaster, instead of just the physical. Disaster victims normally face a tough emotional recovery, facing a loss of comfort, security and control over their surrounding environment.


The design itself uses a flat-pack solution – employing timber, plywood and dowelling to make it extremely easy to put together. It also sits on top of seven supports, creating a physical separation between the dwellers and the disaster around them. Translucent roofing allows natural light into the living space, and the skin of plastic shingles and plywood can be customised to allow each owner to create a sense of ownership.

Conrad Gargett Riddel

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