Travelers Transfer Virtual Food Between Outdoor Ads To End Hunger [Video]

Travelers Transfer Virtual Food Between Outdoor Ads To End Hunger [Video]

Near-field communication lets people donate to charity in a more interactive way.

Ross Brooks
  • 17 june 2013

Most advertisements asking for donations are often in conflict with those asking you to buy something. That’s why Grabarz & Partner have created a way to carry food from one ad to another – using just your smartphone.

The company set up two advertisements at a bus stop – one featuring an impressive selection of food, the other a starving child. Using near-field communication, you can pick up a piece of food with your phone, and carry it over to the child in need. The act of doing so also donates the value of that piece of food.


People who make the effort to donate can share their accomplishment via Facebook, and will also receive a video from the child they helped saying thank you. The company hopes to make the act of donating more interactive and rewarding – encouraging people to support the United Nations’ World Food Programme.

Take a look at a few people trying out the new idea while waiting at the bus stop:

United Nations’ World Food Programme

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