Facebook Patent Allows Phones To Automatically Tag People

Facebook Patent Allows Phones To Automatically Tag People

New features include pattern, facial and audio recognition to identify what the user is viewing.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 11 june 2013

New patents that were filed in 2011 have been granted to Facebook and their inventors Andrew Garrod Bosworth, David Harry Garcia, and Soleio Cuervo. These patents could change how people share photos and videos on the social networking site.

The patents – published as Automatic Photo Capture Based on Social Components and Identity Recognition, Preferred Images From Captured Video Sequence, and Image Selection From Captured Video Sequence Based on Social Components – include continuous video capture whenever the camera is open, ranking and selecting the best images from the captured video, and then auto-tagging them with people, places and businesses. The patents also include a feature where pattern, facial and audio recognition can identify what the user is viewing.

Some of the exciting new features that these patents can give for Facebook users include being able to take traditional photos while the camera is taking a video, and automatically capturing photos from the video sequence at the same time.

Automatic tagging will also be possible since the social site will be able to identify persons or objects in the photos or video via facial and pattern recognition. The tags will make it easier for the user to choose which photos or videos to share.


Facebook will also be able to take into consideration which friends or places you interact with the most and then rank images according to their importance to you.

With all these new features, users won’t need to manually tag every photo or video and will just choose and approve from the suggestions made by Facebook. The new features can also help make newsfeeds more relevant to the users.



Image via Spencer E Holtaway

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