Fake Apocalyptic Homepage Takes Over NY Times Online

Fake Apocalyptic Homepage Takes Over NY Times Online

On June 21 the popular news site was temporarily taken over by an ad for the zombie flick World War Z.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 24 june 2013

Last June 21st, visitors to the New York Times website were greeted by a terrifying headline stating, “Population Loss Projected at 4.7 Billion.” The headline was flanked with several articles about other alarming events such as power outages, search for survivors, cities going dark, and passenger airplanes being denied permission to land.

It turned out to be just a temporary ad for Brad Pitt’s new zombie film World War Z. The film is about the zombie invasion and the controversial ad showed the possible headlines and news stories that could come out if such an event happened in real life.

World War Z

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