Fashion Search Engine Matches Outfit Photos To Retail Sites

Fashion Search Engine Matches Outfit Photos To Retail Sites

New app finds the latest fashions using images of other people.

Lara Piras
  • 5 june 2013

Snap Fashion is a search engine site that breaks down images to look for matches of outfits that users have seen on other people. Founder Jenny Griffiths explains, “We’ve all had that moment when you admire a stranger’s look but have no idea where to get it.”

Users can take pictures of an outfit they like and upload it to the Snap Fashion app, which will trawl through retailer’s inventories to find the closest match.


The app’s technology filters a photo’s superfluous visual data such as the length of a dress or type of collar and uses colour, cut and texture to find the closest equivalent. It then searches the stock of over 100 major retailers including Net-a-porterTopshop and ASOS and earns a commission from the retailer when someone buys an item through the app.

Whatsmore, the app can even recognise imagery in any environment such as a catwalk shot or even street style through technology called background segmentation.

The site first launched September 2012 and now has over 100,000 users. Begin your search for the perfect outfit here.

Snap Fashion

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