Food Delivery Service Provides Custom Meals For Specific Diets

Food Delivery Service Provides Custom Meals For Specific Diets

An app that plans your meals for you and helps keep your health on track.

Ross Brooks
  • 4 june 2013

HealthyOut is a new food delivery service that helps you order take out meals that conform to your diet – whether you’re trying to go meat-free for a month or eat nothing but meat, the app will make sure that’s what you achieve.

You can sign up for the service online or use the downloadable app – once you’re set-up, HealthyOut will arrange two meals per day that meet the criteria you entered when signing up. You will receive a text 90 minutes before each meal that’s lets you confirm your order, cancel or change your selection.


Described as “guard-rails” by co-founder Wendy Nguyen – she’s confident that setting your goals ahead of time and having someone else do the hard part of choosing what to eat, you’ll be more likely to follow through with your diet plans. These habits then reinforce themselves and before you know it, you’ll be choosing your own healthy meals.

Having recently launched in New York, the service is slowly accepting new customers as it scales up and costs $28 a month, on top of the meals themselves. It currently covers 2,000 restaurants, which is about 10% of the city’s total.


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