Radio Show Broadcasts Unheard Music In A Remote Forest

Radio Show Broadcasts Unheard Music In A Remote Forest
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Over the course of 24 hours, a radio transmitter will broadcast unknown music in the woodlands of Scotland.

Daniela Walker
  • 25 june 2013

This August, a radio transmission from the Galloway Forest Park, in Scotland will play 24-hours of never-before-heard music to an audience of trees, and hopefully human listeners too.

The FM transmitter will be located in a part of the woodland park designated as a ‘Dark Sky Forest’ — only awarded for areas with low levels of light pollution that allow for optimum star-gazing. Set up at the top of a hill, the transmitter, solar-powered batteries and an MP3 player will be used to broadcast the music to receivers up to five kilometers away. There will also be portable radios lining the path up the hill, encouraging anyone in listening distance to follow the music.


The radio show, named The Dark Outside FM, is a collaboration between artists Stuart McLean, Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges (the latter are Artists in Residence for Galloway Forest Dark Skies Park) and marks the second time the team have come together to transmit ‘music you’ve never heard before, broadcast in a place where no one is listening.’

The artists have curated unheard music, some especially composed for the event, which then will be promptly deleted after the event. McLean told Wired UK:

It’s humbling to think that you have a silly idea about playing music in a forest that no one will listen to and that won’t really do anyone’s career any good, but it strikes a chord with people. People like the idea that there’s music playing in a forest but they don’t know if anyone’s listening to it. There’s a romance to it. We are looking to get people to travel out of their comfort zones to listen to a radio… I just hope people will come to the forest to listen to it.

The Dark Outside


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