Found Object Street Art Turn Derelict Cities Into A Canvas [Pics]

Found Object Street Art Turn Derelict Cities Into A Canvas [Pics]
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Artist r1 transforms ordinary materials into master works, like placing crumpled paper flowers into broken windows and cans into street signs.

Emma Hutchings
  • 14 june 2013

Artist r1 transforms ordinary found objects into works of art on city streets in England and South Africa, by placing items like crumpled magazine paper into windows and tin cans into street signs.

Abandoned Objects Turn City Streets Into Artistic Canvases [Pics]

Viewing streets as open canvases and as the veins of a city, r1’s work subtly changes them to create a dialogue between the environment and people’s experience of it. The “urban interventions” modify streets by changing certain aspects into unusual works of art. r1 writes:

I consider the street as an open canvas. I work with urban interventions and collect every day found materials, transforming them and placing them back where they came from, to become a part of the city’s journey. The resulting artwork is tactile, moving within the motion of the cityscape.  Like the street, the work finds its meaning once an interaction with the passer-by takes place.

Click through to see pictures of r1’s urban interventions:


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