Blogging Platform Helps People Become Better Writers

Blogging Platform Helps People Become Better Writers

Interface wants to reinvent how we publish online content focusing on longer trains of thought.

Ross Brooks
  • 13 june 2013

Even though new blogging platforms tend to fall at the first hurdle, there seems to be hope for a new platform inspired by Jack Kerouac which goes by the name of Ghost.

John O’Nolan is the mind behind Ghost and was recently able to secure more than eight times his original goal via a Kickstarter campaign – originally aiming for £25,000, he managed to attract nearly £200,000 (about $300,000). He managed to do this with very early-stage designs and snippets of code – touting his platform as “just a blogging platform.”


Nolan’s credentials are solid for those in doubt; he headed up the team that designed user interfaces for WordPress and designed websites for brands such as Microsoft and Nokia. His real ambition however, relates to how the tools and technology we use to write actually affect what we write.

A prime example being that when Kerouac wrote the road, he used a 120-foot roll of paper. Nolan wants to change the way we write on the web, moving away from a segmented system of different articles, towards a more continuous process that allows writers to start and stop within a specific train of thought.

He also aims for the platform to use markdown, a way of writing which involved using punctuation and simple programming language to cause formatting changes. By using this method, there is no need to rely on a formatting bar as in programs such as Microsoft Word, thus keeping the focus on writing, not appearance.



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