Google Doodle Welcomes The First Day Of Summer

Google Doodle Welcomes The First Day Of Summer

Artist Christopher Niemann's art work celebrates the solstice, the longest day of the year.

Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 21 june 2013

If you haven’t seen the Google doodle of the day, go check out Christopher Niemann‘s art work that celebrates the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.

The Google doodle depicts scenes of a perfect summer day: crashing waves, children decked in bathing suits and snorkeling gear. The sumer solstice is the day when the sun is at the farthest point north from the Earth’s equator and the moon will be in its full ivory bloom, closest it has been to Earth all year. This year, the moon is set to transform into a “supermoon” as it reaches its full glorious phase tonight.


Some fun summer solstice facts: it’s also called “Midsummer” and is sort of like the Ides of The Rest Of Summer, a harbinger of many sunny days to come- as depicted in Niemann‘s Google doodle.


Historically, thousands of people would head to Stonehenge to observe and celebrate the summer solstice and revamp their calendars so that they could harvest crops optimally. But if you’re not into that tradition, then just stay out late enough to see how long the sun stays put in the sky and be sure to check out the “supermoon” in all its glory.

Christopher Niemann also designed the winter solstice doodle for Google. Check out Niemann‘s art work here.

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