Google Updates Shakespeare Play With Social Media Posts [Video]

Google Updates Shakespeare Play With Social Media Posts [Video]

New theater format would allow viewers to get involved in performances via online networks.

Ross Brooks
  • 20 june 2013

Google’s Creative Lab have teamed up with the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) to re-create a classic Shakespearian play. The online performance of the digital theater project is called a Midsummer Night’s Dreaming.

The play itself will remain unaltered, with the exception that it will be staggered over three days instead of being performed in one night. What makes this version unique is that there will be a secondary narrative evolving online, incorporating material written by the RSC such as videos, photos, tweets, Tumblr posts, Facebook updates and Google+ posts.


Online viewers will be encouraged to respond to the play, invent new characters, draw comics, memes, gifs and generally participate in the narrative, by posting using the hashtag #dream40.

The event will take place live in Stratford-upon-Avon and online over the midsummer weekend of 21 to 24 June.

Here’s a taster of what to expect from the online interpretation:

Royal Shakespeare Company

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