Motorcycle Helmet Projects GPS Directions In Front Of Bikers’ Eyes [Video]

Motorcycle Helmet Projects GPS Directions In Front Of Bikers’ Eyes [Video]

The LiveMap bike helmet has a built-in navigation system and voice-controlled interface.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 17 june 2013

LiveMap is a high-tech motorcycle helmet with a built-in navigation system and a voice-controlled interface designed to help motorcycle riders find their way around while staying safe on the road.


The helmet uses augmented reality to make navigation easy and user-friendly. It projects full-color translucent images right at the center of the visor, but still provides a safe and unobstructed view for the rider. The display shows navigation instructions as well as traffic information and weather forecasts.


The LiveMap helmet also includes a microphone for voice control and earphones for audio. There is a light sensor for adjusting the brightness levels depending on current conditions. The helmet is also fitted with a gyroscope, G-sensor, and digital compass to track head movement.

The user interface is minimalistic to keep everything simple and easy. The overview map is visible at low speeds, but visual display is disabled at high speeds for safety reasons.



The project originated from Russia and has gained the support of the Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Enterprise, the State Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology of Russian Federation, and Skolkovo Foundation. With their support the LiveMap team was able to develop prototypes for the outer shell, the electronic board, optics, and software for the helmet.

The LiveMap developers are currently seeking funding on IndieGogo mainly for the pressmolds of the helmet capsule.

Watch this video about LiveMap below.


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