Politician harnesses the power of social media to allow citizen to cosponsor bills.

Social media use is now widespread (it has been for a couple years) but you know we are living in a new era when politicos jump on the bandwagon. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) has just relaunched Cosponsor.gov in conjunction with Facebook to allow the public to support and track any legislation that goes through the House of Representatives.

In order to cosponsor legislation, users must sign into Facebook and allow the app access. They can then view any bill and register support by cosponsoring. Once they’ve cosponsored a bill or resolution, users will receive regular notifications via Facebook as to its progress. Cantor unveiled a version of the website last year, but it featured Republican-only sponsored bills. In its newest iteration, Cosponsor.gov allows viewing of any bill that is currently going through the gamut in the House.

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