Students Predict The Future Of Work In 140 Seconds [Video]

Students Predict The Future Of Work In 140 Seconds [Video]

Young creatives from Hyper Island take PSFK's Future of Work report and create a vision for how education will function in the office.

  • 2 june 2013

As a creative manifestation of our Future of Work report PSFK partnered with Hyper Island to concept what the workplace of the future could look like. Together with Hyper Island’s UK School Director, David McCall, PSFK worked to create a surprise brief surrounding this topic that was presented to the team of multidisciplinary graduate students. They were challenged to create a 140-second film that demonstrated what education environments should look like in order to mirror the ideal workspaces of the future, based on the PSFK’s Future of Work report. The students had five hours in which to come up with a directors cut.

After the briefing process and final edit we caught up with a couple of the students involved in the project to talk about where they see the future of work headed and the take a look into the creative process behind their final take. Check out the video and our conversation with Daniel Gonzalez Corral and Riccardo Rotesi below:

Describe the surprise brief process that you used for the initial concepting of the video.

We received the “surprise brief” on a Friday afternoon at 5 pm after a very long week of work. The challenge was to write, shoot, edit a video AND throw a party in four hours. Regarding the concept, we wanted to offer a window into the present and future way of working, for this we looked into PSFK’s “The Future of Work” and our experience of Hyper Island’s methodology.

How was the video created?

In the first draft we showed the contrast between traditional and new trends of working and learning through a composition of multiple screens using animated GIFs, working simultaneously on the script, shooting and postproduction so we could meet the deadline.

For the second draft we went back to square one and re-wrote everything in order to go deeper into the new culture of work. We prototyped and shot scenes quickly to see if they worked, tweaking the scenes that didn’t translate well into the screen, adding some, cutting others and post-producing at the same time. In the end it was all about being as succinct as possible and meeting the 140 second deadline.

What are the trends that you covered and in the video?

We featured the Networked Knowledge and Feedback Culture trends while highlighting themes of co-ownership during the creative process, group dynamics and fun in the workplace.

How will the Future of Work change how creative students learn the skills needed to push their work forward?

As we move into the future, creative students will have to work on getting a broad scope of knowledge while at the same time deepening their expertise in a specific area, thus allowing them to get involved in dynamic projects that change constantly.

Group dynamics will play a bigger role, because the interaction with team members affect the end result, companies will take a more holistic approach to projects where the individual and their well-being is the cornerstone for their operations, in the future it’s all about building relationships and using networked knowledge to deliver better results. Finally, younger generations are putting “fun” in the equation for their work life, being able to work in a creative space with flexible roles and schedules will ultimately influence their decision and will not be based solely on monetary gain.

What changes in the world of education will affect the future of work?

The forefront institutions of education (such as Hyper Island) are working towards developing change agents for the workforce. This new wave of students have knowledge across different areas, are aware of the importance of group dynamics and feedback, as well as being process oriented. As education prepares them for the work life, students will look for work places that allow more freedom to the individual and will consequently join companies that share the same values.

How is Hyper Island changing to meet the evolution of the creative field?

By getting students with different areas of knowledge and background together and teaching them how to facilitate a better process that delivers superior results, also by focusing on the “T Individuals,” that is people that have a broad scope of knowledge but at the same time have deep knowledge in a specific field. Hyper Island creates real world experiences, reflecting trends like Learning by Doing, and provide self-education spaces with facilitators and industry leaders to guide the process.

Thanks Daniel and Riccardo! 

Hyper Island is a world-leading educator in the fields of digital/interactive communication, business transformation and leadership. The UK school runs a Masters in Digital Media Management, an advanced, full-time course for professionals and recent graduates who aspire to be at the cutting edge of the digital communications and creative industries.


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