Intel Launches Worldwide Tour To Highlight Creative Potential

Intel Launches Worldwide Tour To Highlight Creative Potential

Find out where and when the tech-infused roadshow is headed to your city.

  • 9 june 2013

The chipmaker is on a global tour celebrating the creativity and collaboration possible with Intel-powered gadgets. The tour features a custom-built installation that will travel to cities around the world over the next 6 months, spanning the realms of art, data visualization and gaming.

Kicking off in New York May 16th, the traveling installation features data visualizations from The Office of Creative Research (OCR), a research group that explores how we engage with data using practices that borrow from both the arts and sciences. These visualizations highlight the dramatic changes in the speed, power and the size of computers in recent history. The installation hits Chicago’s Butler Field June 6 – 9 where visitors will be able to see these visualizations and play with a unique dual-mode touchscreen game designed specifically for the devices on display.

One set of visualizations show how our relationship with computers has evolved at a rate that almost parallels their development – with rapid increases in speed and power come new applications of that power and unique ways to harness it, which in turn changes our expectations. When we no longer have to wait for what used to take minutes or hours of processing time, our desire for instant gratification also grows. The OCR uses typical ‘please wait’ icons – beach balls, hourglasses etc. – to help put this time in perspective as the Ultrabooks become even faster.


The development of touchscreens has marked perhaps the biggest change in how we interact with computers since the 1983 release of the Apple Lisa mouse. With touchscreens we are at the most tactile stage of computer interaction, physically touching what we are seeing, but the future may hold something completely non-physical. Gesture-based and motion-sensing controls could have us waving our hands at devices, or perhaps just looking at what we want to control. While the potential for change in interface design is enormous, for the time being most of us rely on the mouse; hence OCR’s creation of digital hands with cursors to visualize the evolution of how our hands interact with computers.

To find out when Intel’s tour will be headed to a city near you, continue reading here at iQ by Intel.

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