Interactive Pajamas Tell Bedtime Stories

Interactive Pajamas Tell Bedtime Stories

Smart PJ’s interact with smartphones to read bedtime stories for kids.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 11 june 2013

Pajamas are being brought into the 21st century. For kids, at least.

Fresh off Boise’s ‘Hottest Showcasing Startup,’ Smart PJ’s adds technological innovation to a product that hasn’t seen a breakthrough since the addition of a flap to the back of the onesie. Now, in addition to keeping kids snug, pajamas can also read a bedtime story.

Smart PJ’s are designed with a series of scannable dot patterns that can interact with smart devices. Once scanned, children and parents alike can enjoy a bedtime story being read from a smartphone. The Smart PJ’s are designed with a wide array of scannable patterns, which allows for the pattern on the sleeve to read a different story than the pattern on the stomach.

In addition to reading the story, the Smart PJ’s stories are designed to display the words and information on the screen as well. This allows children to turn down the volume and work on their reading skills, or share a traditional story in a non-traditional way with their parents.

Check out the website (where you can order a pair for $25) and the video below:

Smart PJ’s 

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