Smartphone Charger Uses Wrist Movements To Power Up

Smartphone Charger Uses Wrist Movements To Power Up

Off-grid charger lets you generate enough juice to make an emergency call.

Ross Brooks
  • 28 june 2013

At the times when your phone is about to run out of energy, it’s safe to say you probably have plenty to spare. The Voltmaker is a device that allows you to make use of that extra energy in order to charge your phone – all with the flick of a wrist.

A hidden rod that is normally secured to the body using a magnet can be released using a spring-loaded mechanism. Once released, you can spin this rod by shaking the device a lot like a rattle, a movement which allows it to harvest kinetic energy.


By keeping up your enthusiastic rattling for a few minutes, it’s possible to generate enough power to make a quick phone call, play a couple of songs or light the way using an LED torch attachment that slots into the USB port at the opposite end.

Using this method to full charge the device would take two to three hours – which may be more than your wrist can handle. For this reasons, the makers recommend charging the device using a USB connection for everyday activity. If there are times when that it isn’t enough, then you can turn to kinetic energy.


The device will also be able to withstand the elements, sealed to prevent moisture and dust from getting in.

The company is pursuing $200,000 of funding on Indiegogo, and has promised a refund to anyone who pledges if the campaign is unsuccessful.

Check out the campaign video below:



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