An Italian man popped the question in a very unique and tech-savvy way, using the Duolingo platform.

When Flavio, an Italian graduate student, wanted to propose to his American girlfriend, he turned to Duolingo, the app that she had been using to learn his native language. The Duolingo team jumped at the opportunity and created a unique lesson that would only appear in her lesson plan. Starting with translation exercises such as “Lui ti ama” (“He loves you”), the exercise built up to the big question:

And the bonus prize for selecting yes? A trip to Italy to plan the nuptials.

Duolingo is a free desktop and mobile language-learning tool that uses gaming to teach users one (or more) of the six languages offered. Users complete exercises to earn points, level up and gain access to new lessons. The lesson material comes from webpages uploaded by content owners, who then pay for the translations pieced together, which enables the users to create value and learn for free.

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