LED-Filled Tunnel Lights Up To Visitors’ Tweets

LED-Filled Tunnel Lights Up To Visitors’ Tweets

The interactive installation responds when people share their ‘hopes for the future.’

Kyana Gordon
  • 7 june 2013

Designworks created in conjunction with Benevolent Society an interactive light installation that launched at Vivid Sydney 2013. The unique sensory experience, “Hundreds and Thousands” was comprised of thousands of LED lights that could be controlled individually, and that responded when visitors interacted with them. Designed as a tunnel for people to walk through – the LED lights represent the thousands of hopes Australians has.


For the last 200 years, the non-profit organization Benevolent Society (Australia’s first charity) has had an ambitious mission of helping people change their lives through support and education. With this project, willing participants were asked  to share – in 140 characters or less (using the #hopesforchange hashtag) what positive change they hoped for in the next 200 years. The greater the number of people sharing their hopes via a Twitter hashtag or the website, the more dynamic the lighting effects became. An exciting collaborative project that inspired people to share their hopes for change for Australia’s future.

Benevolent Society

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