The Evolution Of The LEGO Figurine [Pics]

The Evolution Of The LEGO Figurine [Pics]
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See how much has changed since the very first man was created in the 1970s.

Ross Brooks
  • 28 june 2013

In an attempt to fully catalogue the iconic figures that come with nearly all of their LEGO sets, Gizmodo has worked together with the building block company to photograph every one of them ever made.

Starting from the  1970s and working their way up to the modern day, there is a huge amount of variety (and detail) in the men, women and creatures that make up the world of LEGO.


It wouldn’t make sense to show all of the pictures here – because you might need the whole day to go through them – but we’ve selected some of our favorites to give you an idea of how things have changes since the very beginning.

The Evolution of the Minifig via Gizmodo

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