Wedding Dress Created Entirely Out Of LEGO [Pics]

Wedding Dress Created Entirely Out Of LEGO [Pics]
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Japanese artist Rie Hosokai created the design based on the balloon dress for Tokyo’s “Piece of Peace” exhibit.

Emma Hutchings
  • 25 june 2013

Japanese artist Rie Hosokai of Daisy Balloon created this white dress made entirely out of Lego for Tokyo’s “Piece of Peace” world heritage exhibit featuring objects built using the popular bricks.

High-Fashion Wedding Dress Created Entirely Out Of Lego [Pics]

Hosokai’s inspiration was the belief that we construct things from the most basic building blocks. Leg Godt reports that the construction, contour and shape of the creation are based on Hosokai’s balloon dress. Hosokai writes about the construction:

There is fear in that we are all different from one another, but that is also the gateway to self-consciousness. Self-consciousness was once whole, but in the modern trend where all things whole get broken down, it too is about to get deconstructed. For that reason, people now seek to reconstruct their consciousness by extending it onto others. Through this process of extension, we have learned to unravel things down to their basic elements.

Click through to see images of the unique white dress:

Daisy Balloon

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