Musical Light Symphonies Illuminate A Miniature Model Of Tokyo [Video]

Musical Light Symphonies Illuminate A Miniature Model Of Tokyo [Video]

Create your own composition and have it projected on the city of Tokyo.

Ross Brooks
  • 13 june 2013

The city of Roppongi Hills has launched an interactive website called Tokyo City Symphony as part of a digital campaign that allows users to create and project symphonies of light and music onto a 1:1000 scale model of the Tokyo cityscape.


Created in celebration of the city’s 10th anniversary, the website is just one attraction amongst a number of other creative events happening around Roppongi Hills.

The experience works by first choosing one of three visual motifs: “Future City,” “Rock City” and “Edo City.” You are then given an eight second score which can be composed using your keyboard to match light projections and melodies onto the scale model of Tokyo.


Each symphony can also be shared using social media, and those that are become part of an online archive which aims to create an “infinite symphony.”

Here’s one composition in action:

Tokyo City Symphony

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