Locksmith Kiosks Replace Lost Keys At Any Hour

Locksmith Kiosks Replace Lost Keys At Any Hour

KeyMe can store digital copies of keys and make duplicates in less than a minute.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 26 june 2013

If you have ever experienced being locked out of your apartment, you’ll be glad of this new and unique locksmith service by tech startup KeyMe.

The company has installed its self-service ‘locksmith’ kiosks in several 7-Eleven stores around New York City. With the kiosk, people can store digital copies of their keys. If they lose their keys or get locked out of their apartments, people can simply go back to a KeyMe kiosk and create a spare key by accessing their digital copy.


Digital copies can be accessed via fingerprint scan so people can be assured that nobody else can access their keys. The kiosk is also equipped with high-level encryption and does not store any personal information.

The kiosk is capable of duplicating home keys and office keys in just half a minute. Storing digital copies is free while creating a copy of lost keys costs just under 20 bucks. Creating copies on the spot costs $3.49 for basic brass keys and $5.99 for novelty keys.


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