Longboard Stroller Lets Urban Parents Ride With Kids [Video]

Longboard Stroller Lets Urban Parents Ride With Kids [Video]

A more exciting and convenient way to get around the city with your child.

Ross Brooks
  • 27 june 2013

Longboading can be a great way to get around the city, it’s relatively cheap, quick and surprisingly fun. The only problem is if you’re a parent, how do you bring your kids along for the ride?

That used to be the problem at least before the Longboardstroller was created, an exciting new way to transport your kids around that combines a longboard and a baby stroller into one extreme transportation method.

With a lower center of gravity, and more room to stand on, a longboard is a much better option for this kind of idea than a skateboard. Featuring a handle that doubles as a roll-cage for your child, safety is definitely one of the maker’s concerns as well.


While it’s still only a prototype, Quinny (the company that makes it) is working with Studio Peter Van Riet to develop a fully-functional, market-worthy version.

Check it out and see if you could become one of the cooler kids (or parents) in the neighbourhood:



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