Lululemon Scouts For New CEO With Traditional Banner Ads

Lululemon Scouts For New CEO With Traditional Banner Ads

Yoga clothing company thinks outside the box when selecting a recruiting method for finding a new company leader.

Ross Brooks
  • 18 june 2013

Lululemon are known for their humorous nature – touting their products as the perfect companion to a sweaty workout. It’s no surprise then that the company has injected that same sense of humor into finding a new CEO.

After the current CEO Christine Day stepped down, following a transparency issue with their signature yoga pants, the company is on the hunt again for a new leader.

Using what would be an unheard of tactic from other companies of a similar size, Lululemon is using traditional web banner ads to broadcast the  position of CEO. Not only that, but they’ve made the job qualifications ridiculously obscure in an attempt to demonstrate the company’s light-heated attitude that is a key aspect of their brand values. Some of the requirements include being able communicate using Sanskrit, the ability to headstand for 10 minutes and the desire to bring yoga to Mars.


The job advertisement is prominently displayed when visitors first reach the site with a big red sign that reads “CEO Wanted”. Once you click through to the job listing, you’ll be able to see the hilarious list of requirements and daily duties expected of the head of a yoga clothing company.


Fans of the high-priced brand are keen to have someone head up the company who will bring the quality back to their products. Having almost cult-status amongst yoga practitioners and even people who don’t exercise, the brand wants to go back to it’s roots.


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