Makers Reveal Their Creative Process At New York Design Week [Video]

Makers Reveal Their Creative Process At New York Design Week [Video]
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Video highlights of low-tech to hight-tech production methods hypnotically demonstrated live.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 30 june 2013

At the 2013 International Contemporary Furniture Fair, several exhibitors created temporary workshops to demonstrate their craft and production techniques. The range spanned from traditional to state-of-the art. In all cases, visitors were interested in staying at the booths and taking time to watch the work being done either by humans or machines. Witnessing how something is made ads an extra level of value especially in the textile work when you see the time, skill and attention to detail it takes. We’ve put together a video showing the work done by four exhibitors, it is about seven minutes and thirty seconds of manufacturing zen:

Here’s a bit more information on each of the exhibitors:




AfriqueAuthentique-AuthenticAfrica collections features the textile work of Massan Dembele, a top West African traditional weaver. He began weaving at the age of 12 years old. He produces a range of woven patterns and characters working from memory using pure hand spun cotton.




Elizabeth Whelan Design has created innovative textiles for Nike, Knoll and Humanscale. She relocated her 24-harness, computer-assisted Compu-Dobby loom from her Midtown NYC studio to the Javits Center. Her assistant designer Alyson Ainsworth demonstrated the work that goes into creating a complex multicolor pattern.




Tom Dixon partnered with Trumpf and set up a fully functional mini factory that produced two products on site. The centerpiece was their massive computer-controlled laser metal cutting machine which cut out hexahedron shaped panels which were formed into lamp shades. Trumpf also produced a ruler which was first laser etched and then formed on their computer assisted TruBend press.




SCM Group which is a heavy machinery manufacturer exhibited their SCM Tech Z5, a 5-axes router capable of carving complex shapes out of wood based off a 3D digital model. SCM GROUP partnered with Federlegno Arredo (Italian federation of companies involved in the transformation of wood and its derivatives) and Culturalegno (a cultural association that promotes the culture of wood and traditional, handcrafted and artistic woodworking) to show the possibilities available for realizing complex furniture designs in a traditional material.

2013 International Contemporary Furniture Fair

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