McDonalds Big Mac Campaign Appeals To The Internet Generation [Video]

McDonalds Big Mac Campaign Appeals To The Internet Generation [Video]

Series of short ads shows the company may have finally figured out the Internet.

Ross Brooks
  • 6 june 2013

The fast food giant has taken a fresh approach with their most recent advertising campaign called “Think With Your Mouth” – a dynamic series of videos that is psychedelic at times, and certainly never boring.

Created by New York-based ad agency Translation, the outcome is a series of 20-second videos that capture various elements from around the web – such as claymation and retro-futurism. They all of course, feature a Big Mac as the centerpiece.


Each of the videos has a distinct style with the goal of appealing to a different segment of Internet users. This clever tactic increases the number of people who are likely to click on any one of the company’s videos, and therefore increases the effectiveness of the ad campaign.

Here’s the most popular video from their YouTube channel to date:

Think With Your Mouth

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