Miniature Cities Drawn Inside Abstract Paintings [Pics]

Miniature Cities Drawn Inside Abstract Paintings [Pics]

Jieun Park expresses her travel experiences through detailed images within larger brushstrokes.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 25 june 2013

Korean artist Jieun Park creates detailed and realistic paintings of cities within abstract brushstrokes.

The artist confesses to be a lover of travel and she describes traveling as a highly emotional experience. The artist’s paintings show places that she has actually visited, and in her paintings she tries to convey what she felt during specific moments in her visits to these urban centers.

The cityscapes in my works feel very dull, yet there is something that shines through.

There are no signs of people living in the beautiful cities in my works. Although the city is packed with so many different kinds of buildings, it arouses a feeling of loneliness when I look at the complex city.

Park studied fine arts and advertising design at Konkuk University in Seoul.


Scroll through images of the artist’s work in the gallery.

Jieun Park

+South Korea

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