An art installation uses spinning reflectors to transform peoples' appearance.

See-through mirror? Check. Willing participants? Check. One mind-boggling illusion? Check.

While the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde involves one man being two people, Alex Andre’s Metamorphosis Project is able to achieve a similar effect without the sinister nature. In his latest installation, artist Alex Andre has created an interactive sculpture that blend’s two or more people’s features into one.

A freestanding kinetic sculpture, with nothing more than a steel base, hand crank, and spinning wheel with alternating panels of clear glass and see-through mirror, the Metamorphosis Project transforms the participants’ appearances into an ‘infinity of changing personas.’ By aligning themselves on opposite sides of the sculpture, participants spin the wheel to create a shifting image that alternates between their partner’s and their own appearance. The result is an amazing combination:

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