Phone Collects Coupons Through NFC-Enabled TV Screen

Phone Collects Coupons Through NFC-Enabled TV Screen

New dynamic screen enables access to product information and discounts through displays.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 7 june 2013

The race for social technology advancements has, in part, been driven by the growth of digital commerce and interactive marketing techniques (like QR codes). And, not surprisingly, this Spring’s Mobile World Congress saw the unveiling of the next advancement in near field communications (NFC).

Think&Go NFC, a company that specializes in mobile information transferred through NFC, has developed a Dynamic NFC-screen that is capable of delivering content to phones directly through a display surface. (If you’re unfamiliar, NFC is a mobile capability by which smartphones can exchange information via radio communication – simply by being touched together or held in close proximity).

The Dynamic NFC-screen is able to communicate through video display screens – TVs, monitors, etc. – to provide consumers with product information, coupons, or navigation through advertisements and presentations. The digitally connected nature of NFC would enable marketers to use the new screen to make accessing coupons and discounts more interactive (through a game), more dynamic (changing value based on time or consumer), and greatly expedite the product discovery-to-purchase process by allowing consumers to order products through instantly accessible catalogs.


The Dynamic NFC-screen would also provide the marketers with statistics on people who access the screen, since the data exchange is bilateral.

As Think&Go NFC CEO Vincent Berge says,

Picking up a wide range of information from digital screens has never been so easy and natural . . . it opens a new range of usages that only NFC technology can trigger.

European telecom giants Orange France and Avenir Telecommunications have been some of the first customers to buy into Think&Go’s NFC service, and considering the fact that most people are glued to their smartphones anyway it’s not looking like a bad idea. Check out the video below for a demonstration of how the screen and service work.

Think&Go NFC

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