Murmur is an installation that enables communication between the public and the wall, displaying the movement of spoken words.

Murmur is an installation that lets visitors interact with an LED light wall by simulating the movement of sound waves. It builds a “luminous bridge between the physical and the virtual worlds.”

Created by four French design studios (Chevalvert, 2Roqs, Polygraphik and Splank), it enables the communication between passersby and the wall it is conncted to, creating an unconventional dialogue.

The project represents the four disciplines of visual design, object design, sound design and programming. A device was designed and created to collect the murmurs of the public, which has been called ‘Echo's Chamber' in reference to the audio effect achieved and to Greek mythology. It represents both the key technique of the Murmur device and also its magical aspect of turning sound waves into light waves. You can check out Murmur in the video below:

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