Floating Playground Suspends Visitors In The Air [Pics]

Floating Playground Suspends Visitors In The Air [Pics]
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An exhibition that encourages people to play around 60 feet in the air.

Ross Brooks
  • 25 june 2013

Tomás Saraceno is a fan of floating, with his previous work being testament to this fact, along with is latest offering – a network of netting suspended 60 feet in the air that visitors are invited to explore.

In Orbit hangs above the courtyard of a German museum and took three years to design and build. After climbing a rope ladder, visitors are welcome to lounge, explore, or play with a dozen huge PVC balls that litter the 75,000-square-foot canopy.


Saraceno’s work is normally inspired by particle physics and the world of astronomy. He describes a lot of his exhibitions as scaled versions of physical phenomena – in this case it’s most likely a collections of planets and starts, taking the form of people suspended within netting.

Click through the images below to see more picture of the suspended playground.

In Orbit


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