Designer Ben Marsh repackaged condom boxes to look like Game Boys, with each item resembling a retro game cartridge.

London-based designer Ben Marsh repackaged condom boxes to look like old Nintendo Game Boys, with each condom resembling a game cartridge. ‘Play Safe' was a university project to create a range of condom packaging.

Marsh designed the packaging in the style of retro computer games, laced with puns about ‘playing safely'. The colorful box and games could be used to ease any check-out embarrassment as they disguise what's inside unless you look closely.

The variety pack contains one each of ribbed, heat, tingle, thin, X safe, and large condoms. The six different condoms packaged as game cartridges are individually labeled with playful names like “Sextris,” “Super Mario Land of Love” and “Donkey Shlong,” creating a humorous mash-up of sex and video games. Click through to see pictures of the ‘Play Safe' packaging design:

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