How To Reinvent Summer Nights In New York

How To Reinvent Summer Nights In New York

The Big Apple is ripe with cultural events in the warmer months. Join PSFK on a tour of evening excursions in partnership with Nokia and Microsoft.

  • 9 june 2013

As summer in the city heats up, people everywhere are raising their heads out of that winter funk, donning shorts and sundresses and taking to the streets. New York is an excellent place in which to enjoy the sometimes scalding temperatures that June to August bring, with a wealth of events the will let Big Apple dwellers get outdoors and soak up some culture.

But how to make these days of summer last? By documenting these new experiences on the smartphone that is in your hand at all times, so that you’ll have something to flip back to once winter rolls around again.  Summer nights are long in New York, but often your phone’s camera capabilities flake out as the light of day dims. Blurry photos or those washed out by a super bright flash often ruin the perfect moment and turn important memories into an incoherent mess.


This summer one of PSFK’s editors will be capturing her summer on the Nokia Lumia 928 and reinventing those long, hot nights as a time that can be properly captured and remembered, rather than a foggy recollection. Whether at a play in the park or an outdoor Museum DJ fest, less than ideal lighting conditions shouldn’t be the cause of a lack of lasting memories of the occasion.

Nokia will also be offering ten individuals the opportunity to win themselves a free Nokia Lumia 928 phone. Just respond to the question: “How will you reinvent yourself this summer?” in the widget below. Additionally, all commenters will be entered into a draw with the change to win $5000.  The contest runs from now until August 23, 2013 so start thinking of your creative ideas.


Tag along with PSFK to some fun shows this summer that we will be documenting in a post series here on the site.

And don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a Nokia phone of your own.

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