Fake Storefront Stickers Imitate Vibrant Neighborhoods [Pics]

Fake Storefront Stickers Imitate Vibrant Neighborhoods [Pics]
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Local governments try to hide the scale of the economic problem in Northern Ireland.

Ross Brooks
  • 10 june 2013

In preparation for this year’s G8 conference which will be hosted on a golf course in Fermanagh county, Northern Ireland, the UK is spending £2 million on giant stickers to hide the state of the local economy.

Apart from the storefront stickers which aim to give the impression of a thriving economy, the government has also been demolishing buildings deemed eyesores, while obscuring others with billboards and security fences.


It seems a strange step to hide the imperfections and issues that are exactly why world leaders have gathered together in the first place to address. Perhaps these desperate measures could act as an indicator of how bad things really are in the country, and that some drastic action needs to be taken over the coming years.

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