Pop-Up Hotels Turn Vacant Offices Into Rental Rooms [Pics]

Pop-Up Hotels Turn Vacant Offices Into Rental Rooms [Pics]
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Danish design group Pinkcloud has proposed to convert empty Midtown Manhattan corporate spaces into temporary accommodations.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 12 june 2013

With the real estate crisis, even office buildings at Midtown Manhattan are suffering from high vacancy rates and decreasing rental rates. Each empty office space means money lost.

To address this issue, Danish design group Pinkcloud has proposed to transform these vacant office spaces into temporary hotels.

The Midtown Pop-Up Hotel consists of several modules that can be packed into the size of an average building elevator. These pop-up kits can be easily stacked and shipped with the use of wooden shipping pallets. The kits or boxes are coded and tracked via RFID tags and can be easily assembled in the empty office spaces.



The Pop-Up Hotel by Pinkcloud won the Radical Innovation in Hospitality Award, which is a competition co-founded by the John Hardy Group and Hospitality Magazine and sponsored by Global Allies.

See more photos of the project below.



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