Paper Mache Gun Sprays Furniture Into Midair [Pics]

Paper Mache Gun Sprays Furniture Into Midair [Pics]
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Designer James Shaw has developed a collection of three 'Making Guns' with tools for making rough forms that solidify into unique creations.

Emma Hutchings
  • 25 june 2013

London-based designer James Shaw has developed a collection of three ‘Making Guns,’ which are tools for producing unique furniture creations. They include the papier mâché gun, the pewter squirting gun and the plastic extruding gun.

The papier mâché gun co-sprays a mixture of recycled paper fiber with a binder-water so they mix in the air before hitting a substrate. This process creates rough geological-looking forms and color can be mixed in to add an extra element.

Papier Mache Gun Sprays Furniture Into The Air [Pics]

The pewter squirting gun can melt and squirt out pewter like a water pistol, with it cooling and solidifying where it lands. This can create organic forms that embrace the natural characteristics of the material and give the impression of freezing time.

The plastic extruding gun transforms the extrusion of polymers (which is usually a huge and cumbersome task carried out in factories) into a handheld process. Shaw uses it to form recycled HDPE into extravagant forms that celebrate the qualities of an under-recognized material. Click through to see images of the ‘Making Guns’ and the creations they have been used to produce:

James Shaw

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