Photographer Matches Pantone Swatches With Everyday Life

Photographer Matches Pantone Swatches With Everyday Life
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Paul Octavious has applied the renown system to something other than printing.

Kyana Gordon
  • 3 june 2013

Chicago-based photographer and storyteller, Paul Octavious has begun a mission to “match all the PANTONE  colors to things I find in everyday life.” In the new series, aptly called ‘#ThePantoneProject,’ Octavious captures images of his hand holding up a PANTONE swatch that matches identically with the background environment.


The series kicked off with the image above and has been followed by an area covered in lilacs, a skyscraper, and even a jogger matching Pantone swatch number 7726. Using The Pantone Color Matching System, the industry standard color matching system which acts as an accurate guide for selecting, specifying, broadcasting, and matching colors used by manufacturers and designers around the world – what makes this project compelling is how each swatch leaves the color wheel to come to life in a real world context. See Octavious’ progress thus far in the gallery below, and keep updated with the series via Instagram.

Paul Octavious

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