Microwave Monitoring App Ensures That Popcorn Never Burns Again

Microwave Monitoring App Ensures That Popcorn Never Burns Again

PopSecret listens to the kernels to ensure a perfectly popped bag of the ultimate movie snack.

Daniela Walker
  • 5 june 2013

There is a fine art to popping microwave popcorn. Yes, there are handy button presets and time estimates on the back of bags, but these are all untrustworthy estimates and as we all know, every second counts when it comes to kernels. Most people sit by the microwave, listening and hoping to discern when the last kernel has popped – but most often you open the bag to disappointment, whether it be burnt popcorn or one too many unpopped corn nuggets. Thankfully, PopSecret and agency Deutsch LA have come up with a solution: the new app, Perfect Pop, does the listening for you and tells you just the right moment to pull the bag from the microwave.

pop secret perfect pop app2

According to Deutsch, there are over 400 tweets per week complaining about burnt popcorn. This was clearly a problem in need of a solution. ‘We needed to find an interactive way to fix an age-old problem,’ Deutsch LA’s CEO, Mike Sheldon, told Yahoo! Shine. The result was an app that listens to the ‘popping acoustics’ from within the microwave to determine when the popcorn is optimally popped. Pop Perfect assesses the sound of popping and then analyzes it against data culled from several models of microwaves and hundreds of bags of popcorn.

Without being formally launched, Perfect Pop has already seen 80,000 people download it from the iTunes store in a bid to save their movie night from culinary disaster. The app is currently for iPhones only, so Android users, you’ll still have to fight the good fight against burnt popcorn.

Check out the autotuned and quite funny demo of the app below:

PopSecret Labs // Deutsch LA


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