Bath & body company Blushie has created a range of natural scents including Rainfall, Dust After Rain and Fresh Cut Grass.

Bath & body company Blushie, based just outside San Francisco, offers perfume oils inspired by nature, including scents like Dust After Rain, Snowfall, Rainfall, Fresh Cut Grass, and The Oncoming Storm. These combine moisturizing fractionated coconut oil and hand-blended fragrance.

The 8ml perfume oils are packaged in a slim glass bottle, so they are a great size to carry around with you in your bag. You can experience the fragrance by dabbing a little onto your wrists or neck.

The Dust After Rain (Petrichor) fragrance provides the scent of rain striking dry earth. It is composed of fresh ozone notes, clear blue water, rich earth and a hint of cedarwood and grass blades bending beneath the droplets.

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