Printing Press Desk Creates Bespoke Posters [Pics]

Printing Press Desk Creates Bespoke Posters [Pics]
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A desk that lets you practice your traditional printing skills at home or in the office.

Ross Brooks
  • 26 june 2013

We recently featured a desk that lets you jot down your ideas – but now there is a desk that allows you to make use of a traditional printing press without even leaving your seat.

Designed by graphic designers Peter Chadwick and Jonny Holmes, the project is called “Desktop Publishing” and aims to bring the more literal meaning of the term to life. An antidote to the poorly designed, mass-produced print literature he remembers being associated with the term when he was getting started as a designer.


The printing press prints up to four colours at a time and uses interchangeable plates – making it possible to use any conceivable design, as well as any combination of those, to print your own piece of work.

Originally intended only as a concept piece, Chadwick now sees the potential for mass production as an educational tool in school, or even a contemporary piece of furniture in people’s homes.

Desktop Publishing

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