Mobile Phones & Keyboards Projected Onto Palms

Mobile Phones & Keyboards Projected Onto Palms

Futuristic technology allows you to beam movies and your home screen onto the palm of your hand.

Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 5 june 2013

In the labs of Masatoshi Ishikawa and his colleagues at the University of Tokyo, a new ‘human-tech’ project is brewing that allows for mobile phones, computer screens and keyboards to be beamed onto palms or any moving objects.

The video put together by the research team shows how movies can be projected onto a hand held piece of paper and keyboards can be sturdily inscribed onto a hand for the most portable manner of use. Ishikawa comments,

You won’t need a keyboard, you won’t need to carry a smartphone, or a computer. You can make a call without anything.

The system utilizes a camera that has a high speed detector and two rotational mirrors that can track an object’s movement within milliseconds. This tracking system allows for people to be on the move and still have the keyboard projection emblazoned on their palms. The projection causes a faint tingling sensation in the palm when keys are pressed but this only adds to the authenticity of the technology.


In a related experiment, Ishikawa tracked the movement of a ping pong ball down to the millisecond. This type of technology can be used to track lightning fast objects and hence can be applied to research in medical and gaming fields.

Similar interactive technology can be seen in the much hyped MYO and Leap Motion that extend and places technological capabilities in the physical human body. Ishikawa’s research has only strengthened the “human-tech” relations that have shown immense progress and potential in the past few years.

Masatoshi Ishikawa // University of Tokyo

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