PSFK Picks: Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

PSFK Picks: Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

A headband that helps improves focus and superhero branded cancer treatments for children. The most innovative stories from the world of wellness.

  • 30 june 2013

Each week with its partner Boehringer Ingelheim bring you a snapshot of Five Innovative Ideas that are reshaping the health care industry. This week innovations include a headband that helps improves focus and superhero branded cancer treatments for children.


Brain Scanning Headband Improves Your Concentration
Melon is a headband and mobile app that tracks and helps wearer’s improve their focus in relation to any activity, environment or behavior that they want to track. The wireless brain-sensing device uses EEG (electroencephalography) to measure brain activity, which is interpreted by the company’s algorithms to detect focus. This data is then analyzed to give users personalized feedback on how to improve. The project, which has successfully been backed through crowdfunding site Kickstarter, aims to go beyond the numbers and scores given by many health tracking apps and move towards actionable insights and understanding. The company is also planning to open the product’s API so members of the developer and hacker communities can come up with creative uses for the data and technology.

Duke blood vessel

Lab-Grown Blood Vessel Transplanted Into Human Patient
Surgeons at Duke University have succeeded in transplanting a lab-grown blood vessel into a person’s bloodstream. The blood vessel was created by taking some donated human cells and implanting them upon a tubular scaffold. Once in place and properly populated, the donated cells were then scrubbed of any genetic information that might cause the blood vessel to be rejected. The result is a readily-implementable human vein which can be used all across the US in nearly half a million surgeries per year.


Chemotherapy Drugs Rebranded As Superhero Formula To Comfort Kids
A partnership between Warner Bros, JWT ad agency and A.C.Camargo Cancer Center in Brazil has resulted in the rebranding of cancer treatments and hospital wards to make them more inspiring and child-friendly. Covers for intravenous bags carrying chemotherapy drugs were designed to resemble the costumes worn by characters in the Justice League and referred to as superhero superformula. Part of the children’s ward was also revamped to look like the Hall of Justice and a comic book series was developed to let kids read about their favorite superheroes as they go through their treatment and recovery.


Hospital Passport’ Turns Treatments Into A Game
Scotland’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children has created a Hospital Passport program, which aims to make young patients feel more at ease as they move from department to department during their treatments. The initiative uses gamification to help visitors feel more involved in the care they receive by encouraging them to get their passport stamped and collect stickers each time they visit a different specialists or undergo a procedure. Filling up the passport becomes a positive thing, as it means kids are getting closer to completing their treatment.  Parents are given a separate Hospital Passport Coping Kit, which includes information on how they discuss treatments with their children, helping to further reduce anxiety. The kit also acts as a convenient way for adults to keep track of their child’s hospital history.


Smartphone Fitness Tracking App Unveils API To Connect With Wearable Tech
Activity tracking app Moves has released an API that makes the company’s data available to the developer community as a way to encourage the creation of new tools. By connecting with a smartphone’s sensors, Moves is able to track the daily amount of walking, running or biking a user participates in, all without additional wearable technology. Users are able to passively track a range of activities by letting the app run silently in the background, providing useful information and allowing them to learn more about what they do throughout the course of a day. Moves hopes to broaden the application of the available data with their new API, possibly creating new opportunities for wearable technology companies and users of software-based activity trackers.

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