Public Enemy Teams Up With BitTorrent To Release New Single

Public Enemy Teams Up With BitTorrent To Release New Single

The rappers have put their latest track on the file sharing website along with instrumentals and vocals to remix it.

Lara Piras
  • 21 june 2013

Hip-hop legends Public Enemy have partnered with file-sharing site BitTorrent to promote their latest track ‘Get Up Stand Up.’


The song will be available for download as a BitTorrent bundle allowing fans to unlock additional content such as music videos and outtakes.


The key part of this project however, is that the bundle gives fans the power to remix the track as it also includes 37 instrumental stems and acapella vocals to work with.


Producer Gary Rinaldo explains, “The ability to freely share an archive and have flexibility on how it can be used is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to making music and media available.”

This type of promo could be seen as controversial as there have been many legal battles against BitTorrent as it offers pirated downloads. This may be a sign that music industry insiders have realised there isn’t much they can do to stop this type of file sharing, and that the only way to move forward is to embrace the idea and use it as a platform to further promote material on their own terms.

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