Stick-N-Find can be used used to find lost keys, devices, cats and even humans.

Stick N Find is an object tracking system that can help you keep track of those car keys that are perpetually lost and even the cat who tends to wander a bit too far.

The device is a simple round sticker, about the size of a quarter coin, that has a built in Bluetooth which enables it to communicate with your smartphone. The stickers are designed for a variety of different objects, anything from a human to a cat to a notebook to everyday car keys.

These stickers are tracked by an app that you install in your smartphone. The Stick N Find app’s has a Radar Screen that tracks the stickers and gives you an approximate of the distance between you and the lost object. The stickers have a tracking range of up to 1o0 feet and if an out of range object comes within range, the app gives you a notification. This feature could be used on cell phones, travel luggages and cats. However, the downside to this device is that it doesn't give you the direction of the object which makes the search for the lost object a little more difficult.

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