The gravity-defying installation aims to draw attention to engineering advancements.

Getting the general public excited about the engineering and manufacturing advancements in car design isn’t easy. Technical drawings and computer models just don’t convey any kind of emotional story. Land Rover’s 2013 Range Rover for the first time uses a lightweight aluminum chassis as a foundation for the vehicles’ structure. The change from steel offers weight savings which translate to more efficient fuel use and better handling and performance.

To aid in telling this story, Land Rover commissioned a sculpture from New York-based design firm Hollwich Kushner (HWKN). “Climbing Up” is a freestanding structure made of aluminum on top of which rests a 2013 Range Rover. The designers wanted to express the idea of lightness so the structure itself looks like it is made of very thin sheets of metal. The sculpture was installed on the busy corner of 14th Street and Ninth Ave in New York City’s Meat Packing District for a three day run. Below are two videos which follow the design and fabrication process of the sculpture.

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