Redbull Breaks Down The Creative Process Behind Major Music Logos [Pics]

Redbull Breaks Down The Creative Process Behind Major Music Logos [Pics]

History reveals itself for some of music’s most iconic moments.

Lara Piras
  • 7 june 2013

The Redbull Music Academy has created a music lover’s dream; a feature explaining the creative process behind 22 of the most iconic logos in music history. The list includes stories from heroic metal band KISS to hip-hop legends Wu-Tang Clan, alongside Def Jam Recordings, MTV, Run DMC, and more.


MTV was the first 24-hour music-video network in the world. It launched on August 1, 1981, revolutionizing both music and television. The logo was born by Founding Creative Director Fred Seibert whose idea was a simple one, he block lettered the M to counteract the spray-painted T-V- symbolising rebellion within youth culture which was exactly what the brand was going for.


Def Jam Recordings is responsible for introducing LL Cool J,Beastie Boys and Public Enemy to the world. The logo that was a DIY Rick Rubin creation inspired by 7-inch singles. Rubin explains, ‘I grew up with 7-inch singles. The logos on those, from all of the small indie labels of the ’60s and ’70s, were the inspiration. I wanted something that fit in that canon.’


Studio 54, described by British socialite and writer Anthony Haden-Guest, was a club for people to ‘shed the dull gravitational tug of quotidienne life, and lose themselves in a voyeuristic jostle.’ The logo was designed by Gilbert Lesser and represented the aura of the eponymous space; ‘appropriately slick, perfectly fusing the decadence of the deco revival with strict Bauhaus geometry.’

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