Redbull’s Stunt Cyclist Conquers Obstacle Course Of Giant Toys

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Danny MacAskill shows off his riding skills on a terrain composed of larger than life blocks and balls.

Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 24 june 2013

The energy drink company has been in the news in the past for sponsoring daredevil acts like the Felix Baumgartner’s freefall last year. This time around, Redbull is featuring the riding skills of Scottish stunt cyclist, Danny MacAskill, in a new short film entitled “Imaginate”.

MacAskill shows off some outrageous cycling tricks on a terrain of toys like Rubik’s cube and building blocks.


For the stunt, Glasgow’s Transport Museum was turned into a life-sized children’s playfround littered with life-size pencils, playing cards, Rubik’s cubes, building blocks and comic books.


It could well be every kids dream playground and MacAskill makes it look like child’s play when he somersault’s over a Formula One car, traverses on a narrow life-size pencil, backflips off a propped comic book and bounces of beach balls. 


MacAskill‘s array of bike tricks are smoothly co-ordinated and at times, his small figure in the large playground looks like an animated movie.

The film took 2 years to film and almost wasn’t finished since MacAskill fell ill with labrynthitis, a condition that could leave sufferers with coordination and balance problems. But MacAskill made a full recovery that is evident in his incrediblly smooth backflips and somersaults. Now that’s some courage!

Check out MacAskill taking on toys with his bike:

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