Rolls-Royce Pop-Out Umbrella Keeps Riders Dry

Rolls-Royce Pop-Out Umbrella Keeps Riders Dry
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The luxury car brand's Phantom and Ghost models have a built-in umbrella in a compartment in the door.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 11 june 2013

Getting in and out of cars with an umbrella on a rainy day can be a challenge. It seems there is no way of getting in a car and storing away your umbrella without getting yourself or the interiors of your car wet.

Luxury car brand Rolls-Royce has tried to address this problem when they designed their Phantom and Ghost car models with a full-sized umbrella stored in a compartment in the door. The umbrella easily pops in and out of its snug compartment.



Built-in umbrella compartments are not new, however. Some old models of brands like Volkswagen and Skoda have similar slots in the door for storing umbrellas.


+Rolls Royce

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