Artist Bradley Pitts uses his training as both an artist and an MIT Aeronautics grad to create a mind-expanding visual installation.

Driven by the mysterious qualities of both space exploration and the cosmonaut culture of the former Soviet Union, artist Bradley Pitts traveled to both destinations to create a series of works; Bringing him from farthest reaches of human comprehension to the intimate art worlds of Brooklyn and Tribeca.

As part of his newest exhibition, Singular Oscillations, the MIT trained Pitts, whose specialties range from art to aerospace engineering, attempts to explore the relationship between art and function through scientifically minded inquiry. As part of the research stage of his project, Pitts was able to access a Russian parabolic-flight aircraft (the IL76-MDK) to structure an exploration into “empty space and the undocumentable nature of experience.” Singular Oscillations is an attempt to recreate this experience within the accessible confines of a gallery space.

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